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The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) has full recognition from the Government of the DPRK and is the world-wide leading organization of its supporters.
Joined April 2012

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  1. 9 hours ago

    Interview with KFA Argentina (Spanish) (Español)

  2. Feb 26

    The success in the first hydrogen bomb test, proud achievements in space development, strengthened self-defense...

  3. Feb 20
  4. Feb 20

    Solar-powered pleasure boats Okryu 1, 2 and 3 have started service from December 2016 in the picturesque Taedong...

  5. Feb 17

    Celebrating 's 75th in . Check out one of the world's best ...

  6. Feb 17

    Firework display on Kim Jong Il s 75th Birthday: via

  7. Feb 16

    "We Serve the People!" would say that we should mind doing even a losing business and should not seek...

  8. Feb 16

    National Meeting Observes Birth Anniversary of Kim Jong Il - A national meeting took place at the ...

  9. Feb 16

    Marshal visited the Palace of the Sun at 00:00 Thursday, the birth anniversary of leader...

  10. Feb 15

    Thank You Father Kim Il Sung HQ

  11. Feb 15

    Thank You Father Kim Il Sung HQ: via

  12. Feb 9

    went round various parts of the plant, including the newly-built products exhibition hall and...

  13. Feb 9

    DPRK Music 8 HD TS: via

  14. Feb 9

    DPRK Music 73 HD TS: via

  15. Feb 9

    DPRK Music 76 HD TS: via

  16. Feb 9

    DPRK Music 41 HD TS: via

  17. Feb 9

    DPRK Music 54 HD TS: via

  18. Feb 9

    DPRK Music 29 HD TS: via

  19. Feb 9

    DPRK Music 3 HD TS: via

  20. Feb 9

    DPRK Music 57 HD TS: via

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